Post Call Survey.

Post Call Survey is a survey application specifically designed for customer service teams. Post Call Survey is a highly effective way to get feedback from customers after support calls.

Post Call Survey Overview

How it works

The simplified description of how Post Call Survey works is shown in the diagram above. The exact flow and details vary depending on the survey types and hence detailed description on the workings can be found in the page associated with different survey types.

On a high level, all survey types follow a similar flow. When the agent ends the call, the post call application will be invoked. The invocation of the Post Call Survey is often automatic via APIs. However it can be invoked manually as well. For example, for Post Call Phone survey, the call can be transferred to phone survey application via SIP trunks. In the case of SMS survey, SMS survey will be invoked via HTTP APIs / URLs.

Survey Types

Post Call Survey supports the following survey modes.

* Phone survey can be invoked when the caller is waiting for the agent to answer. The application itself is same except the invocation method. Invoking phone survey during wait time requires some programming on the ACD / contact center VoIP system to retain the queue position. Please [contact us]( if you would like this feature

The diagram below shows various types of input post call survey support and the corresponding survey types.

Survey Input Types and Survey Modes

Deployment Modes

Post call survey can be deployed in two ways

Hosted Mode can be public or private cloud.

Operational Modes

Post call survey can be operated in two different operational modes.

In the independent mode, Post Call Survey is a stand alone application and not tightly integrated with existing contact center telephony solution. For example, customer service representative transfers the call to the Post Call Survey Application and hangs up. Alternatively the contact center supervisor uploads CSV/Excel file to the Post Call Survey Application via its web interface and select the survey mode.

In the integrated mode, Post Call Survey application is integrated to existing contact center telephony system or CRM systems via SIP and HTTP.

The table below shows various operational modes and integration methods.

Integration Method Operation Mode Notes
SIP Integrated Mode For automatic transfer to Post Call Survey at the end of the call.
HTTP Integrated Mode Used for sending SMS/Email/Web surveys after call automatically
PSTN call Independent Mode For manual transfer by agents to Post Call Survey at the end.
Bulk Upload Independent Mode Used for sending SMS/Email/Web surveys after call manually.