Email - Survey

Email surveys are simple text based surveys. The recipient can reply the email with specific text or any descriptive response.

Email survey is very simple from a customer perspective. No forms to fill, no links to click. Simply reply back and type the response in the header or body of the email. The email survey application will receive the email and interpret the text using powerful and clever text analytics and interpret the results.

Why Email Surveys are more effective

The reason why email surveys provide better results because of the simplicity. Customers are often happy just send an email with a simple text based feedback instead of clicking on URLs and filling out web forms. It is that simplicity which makes the email survey very powerful.

The complexity and the power of the Email Survey lies in the text or lexicon analysis. The emails are read by software algorithms which interpret and analyze the data and provide reports which are actionable for the customer service teams.

Email Survey and Web Survey

Post Call Email survey is not the same as web survey. Web surveys are online forms customer fill and submit. Post Call Email surveys have no web forms. It is just an email which the recipient can reply and send.

Web survey responses are mostly pre-defined. Customer choose some numbers or reply yes / no type of response. Email surveys are free text based surveys. Web surveys response analysis are often simple such as what percentage of customer responded with 'yes'. Email surveys uses algorithms to read and interpret the results and provide actionable feedback to customer service teams.

You can include a link to a Web Survey if required. See how post call web-surveys work.