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What is agent bias

Agent bias occurs when agents selectively choose the customers for participating in surveys. Agent bias is more evident if there is any agent involvement in the survey participation.

What can be done about agent bias

Agent bias can be reduced by automation. However one cannot totally avoid agent bias or other types of bias associated with the participants themselves. It is very important to remember that surveys are statistical in nature and interpreting the results with statistical variations like margin of error is critical.

What is survey participant bias and what can I do about it ?

Simple answer - You cannot completely avoid survey participant bias. For example post call survey participants tend to give a more positive feedback compared to email/web survey. The likely reason being email/web surveys have less human interaction and respondents tend to share negative feedback.

Participant bias can be based on age, region and other factors.

It is important to realize survey is a statistical tool and interpreting the results with various margin of errors and biases are critical for proper interpretation.

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS or Net Promoter Score is a tool to measure customer loyalty. Post Call Survey generates reports which will help you with NPS analysis.

NPS or Net promoter scores (®) are registered trademarks of the rightful owners. See NPS for more details

Why should I use Post call email survey ?

There are few reasons 1. Some people prefer to respond by email 2. Email survey reduces some bias associated phone / post call surveys. There is a a possibility that respondents tend to give a more positive feedback in post call phone survey compared to email/sms or web survey. The likely reason being email/web surveys have less human interaction. Respondents tend to share detailed feedback in email surveys.

It is important to know that surveys are statistical tools and margin of error should be considered to be effective.

What is the difference between "After Call Phone Survey" and "Post Call Phone Survey"?

Post Call Survey and After Call Survey are same.

What is SMS survey ?

SMS surveys are highly effective in some cases. We recommend to limit SMS surveys to just one question followed by a thank you message. You can send the question by a SMS text message to the participant right after the call and there is a high probability that the callers respond back with a word / number and some text describing their experience.

Post Call Survey will interpret the results and provide consolidated view if SMS survey option is enabled.

What are the benefits of using SMS survey along with post call phone survey ?

Using SMS survey along with post call survey reduces various biases associated with surveys. E.g. SMS survey recipients can be randomly chosen and can be chosen based on some other factors such as age, region.

Do you support outbound phone survey ?

There are two modes for outbound survey. Fully automated outbound phone survey and outbound dialler phone survey. In outbound dialler mode, the dialler calls the agent first and then dials the participant. If the participant answers the calls, agent will talk to the survey participant and collect the responses.

Fully automated outbound surveys are surveys where there is no agent involvement at all. In fully automated surveys, questions are recorded ahead of time and uploaded. We recommend fully automated surveys only for very specific cases where prior permission has been sought and given from potential participants. We also recommend to limit the questions to just one or two questions. Please Contact Us for more details. Please ensure you comply with legal requirements before running an outbound survey. The application also enforces some rules to avoid misuse of the system and for legal compliance.

What languages are supported ?

You can run post call phone survey in any language as the questions (voice files) can be recorded in your desired language. The administration panel ( web browser front end ) currently support only English. Similarly for SMS and Email surveys.

What countries are supported ?

Please Contact Us if you would like to check if survey is enabled in your country.

What happens to the data if I cancel the subscription

We highly recommend that you export the data and take a back up of the files. You can also contact us to get a zip/archive file and we will email you the files or store in a location that you can download.

Technical FAQ

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