FAQ - Technical

How do I integrate Rislin Post Call Survey with our existing IVR / PBX / ACD ?

In most cases, there is no need of any integration. Agents transfer the call to the post call survey number provided to you. When the agent transfer the call, Post Call Survey recognizes the caller ID and associate the responses with the agent. You can operate in agent agnostic mode where agent data will not be associated with responses.

If the agents are connected via Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), it is possible that when ACD can do the transfer to post call survey when agent finishes the call. It is also possible to transfer via IVR

Can I use Rislin Post Call Survey with on premises PBX / ACD system ?

Yes you can. Your PBX should be VoIP capable with SIP support. Rislin Post Call Survey is SIP enabled and you configure Rislin PCS as a SIP extension on your VoIP system.

I am using cloud telephony solution already. Can I use with Rislin Post Call Survey

Yes you can. In most cases, you all you need is to transfer the call to post call survey number provided to you when the agent finishes.

Can I record the question using our preferred voice talent and upload it myself ?

Yes you can. You can create your own scripts and record it using your preferred voice talent.

At present, you need to send the files to us. You will be able to upload it yourselves in the future. We will let you know when that feature is available.

What file formats are supported for voice files ?

We recommend that you record the files in PCM (wav) format or mp3 format.

How do I download the responses including the voice messages ?

You can download the responses as CSV or in XLSX format. You can also download the responses in PDF format. The voice files can be saved directly from the web browser. You can also contact us to get an zip/archive file.

How do I use this application on premises ?

If you have a SIP enabled VoIP system, you can use Rislin Post Call Survey on-premises.

How do I design and create a post call survey ?

See this link

Why do I experience voice delays?

You will experience delay when you dial first time or if your post call survey has not been in use for some days. This delay happens only first time. Server will then cache the voice files and subsequent calls will not experience voice delays. If you continue to experience voice delays, please contact us.

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