SMS Survey

How it works

When the agent ends the call, the contact center application will invoke SMS Survey via HTTP or REST API. Depending on the configuration set in the Post Call SMS Survey, SMS question will be send to the caller after a pre-determined time. The response(s) from the caller will be matched against various factors and customer service team can view and analyze the data. Reports can be downloaded or viewed online. Post Call SMS Survey

The questions can be created via SMS Survey application web interface. You may also choose the SMS service provider of your choice or you can choose a fully managed service. Fully managed service avoids dealing with multiple companies and associated issues like payment.

Post Call SMS Survey sequence diagram is shown below.

Post Call SMS Survey


Feature Description
Programmable logic Post Call SMS survey application can send different messages based on the response. See how to design survey
Short URL Post Call SMS survey application has built in short-url capability. This enables to keep URLs short without exceeding the SMS character limit. Short URLs makes the SMS appear tidy as well.
Ability to choose SMS service provider You can choose your own preferred SMS service provider if they provide APIs you can integrate with. We support various SMS service providers without any extra effort from you. If you need us to integrate with a new service provider specific to your country, please contact us
Bulk Import You can import the recipient mobile numbers via excel or csv file. For example, if you have a list of your customers from your database application such as CRM or from your call data records (CDRs), you can import it to post call survey.
Scheduler Post call SMS survey has an advanced scheduler. You can choose the time of the delivery ahead of time or create a delay after the API request.
Secure Post call SMS survey provide secure authentication and authorization methods.
PDF, XLS, CSV, word reports Post call SMS survey reports and survey data can be downloaded as PDF, Excel or as word documents.
Web Reports You can view and filter response on the SMS survey application website.
API Post call SMS survey provides HTTP based REST APIs. Some APIs are URL encoded.
Hosted or On-Premises SMS survey application can be installed on premises. Please contact us if you need on-premise installation.
Survey Designer SMS survey designer is a simple text based tool to create and check survey flows.
Callback integration If callback application is enabled, recipients of the post call SMS message can book a callback online. See Notes
Contact Center Application Integration Post Call SMS survey can be invoked from contact center VoIP systems from major vendors. This enables you to trigger survey automatically when the agent ends the call.
Ability to interpret typing mistakes in the response Post call SMS survey can verify if the SMS response matches exactly or interpret similar responses as a match. For example, if the expected match is 'Yes', the application can also accept 'ok' or 'fine' as matches or even 'yas' with a typo.
NOTE: It may not be possible to enable some of these features for all customers. Some features are optional add ons. Some features are also restricted due to various other reasons such as legal compliance, sms carrier and country specific restrictions.

The feature list can be downloaded here

How to design survey

We recommend writing the script for the questions in the format shown below. The table also defines the call flow.

Prompt Script Response -> Next Prompt/Action
Q1 How would you rate your interaction with us? 1 means very poor and 10 means very good. 1 to 5 Go to Q2;
5 to 10 go to M3
Q2 Would you like us to give you a call to discuss. If so, please reply yes and your preferred time and we will call you back M2
M1 Thank you for your response. Next time you can click on this link to book a callback or to leave a detailed feedback. End
M2 We will call you back at your requested time. End
Note: It is recommended not to send more than two questions.

How to trigger post call SMS Survey

Post Call SMS surveys can be triggered via simple HTTP requests. Please contact us and we will send you the API specifications.

The HTTP request can be invoked from your contact center telephony system (e.g cisco UCCX script) or from any of your web or CRM applications. The HTTP request needs to be invoked only once and post call SMS survey will do the rest.

How to view the responses.

To view the responses, login to Post Call Survey web application. You can also export the data in CSV, XLSX, PDF and Word formats. Alternatively you can send HTTP request to get the responses. Details of how to retrieve the responses via APIs can be found in the API documentation section. Please contact us for details.


How to find my sender mobile number

If you are using your own SMS service provider, you should have the telephone number from your service provider. You need to login to Post Call Survey application and enter it there. If you are getting the sender number from us, you will find that number in the same settings page after you login.

Is it possible to use customer sender id ?

No. SMS surveys requires responses. Since it is not possible to reply back to custom sender id such as your company name you cannot use custom sender id. You have to use a mobile number the recipients can reply.

Is your APIs secure

Yes. The APIs are secure. All messages are encrypted using using SSL (i.e HTTPS) with basic authentication. For details contact us

Can I use our own SMS gateway

If you SMS gateway support HTTP APIs, you can integrate to your own SMS gateway. If you need assistance, please contact us

What countries are supported ?

SMS surveys require a mobile telephone number where the responses can be received. The mobile numbers needs to be obtained from the SMS service providers. Most countries are supported. However it is best to contact us and confirm.

How much does it cost

See pricing